Excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a 2 million dollar R01 grant from the NIH to study how WNK kinases coordinate potassium secretion in renal intercalated cells. We are hiring! Postdocs: if you’re interested in joining our group, please see the notice on the “Contact” page and get in touch!

Welcome to our newest lab member, Dr. Sophia Knoell. Sophie is a UPMC medical resident who did a rotation with us this summer, studying the endocrine response to potassium loading and restriction, and learning how to quantify WNK body formation in tissue. We’re looking forward to working with Sophie during the course of her residency!


After four great years in the lab, we bid a fond farewell to Kelly Connolly, who be taking her talents to medical school in upstate New York. But… We are delighted to announce our new lab manager, Shawn Griffiths, who recently completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh. We’ll miss Kelly a ton but are excited to have Shawn on the team… such is the cycle of life in the lab!

We just got back from a great Experimental Biology 2019 meeting in Orlando. Cary Boyd-Shiwarski had a lot of interest in her work on potassium diets and blood pressure, both at her oral presentation and at the Epithelial Transport Group poster session.

Congratulations to 4th year med student and lab member Hima Namboodiri, who matched at the University of Southern California for her Internal Medicine Residency!

A big welcome to Becca Beacham, who joins our team after graduating with honors from Penn State with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Becca will be primarily assisting Dr. Cary Boyd-Shiwarski with her research projects. She’s already turning into a highly skilled WNK-ologist :)


Welcome to our new undergrad student, Kate Querry… glad to have you on the team!

Ro participated in a spirited debate on the distal nephron with his mentor David Ellison at the ASN Basic Science Forum for Emerging Kidney Physiologists, held during ASN Kidney Week in San Diego. While David wowed the audience with his Jedi mastery of the Distal Convoluted Tubule, Ro went to the “dark side” and presented new data indicating how WNKs signal differently in Intercalated Cells. They wore appropriate attire for the occasion!

Ro was recently promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure. To celebrate the occasion, the lab and colleagues headed out early and went to happy hour. A fine time was had by all!


Ro is back from the Telluride Workshop on Epithelial Physiology and Cell Biology, where he presented the lab's latest work on WNK Bodies. It was a fantastic week of science, mountain hikes, and Telluride hospitality!

Telluride 2018a.JPG

Cary Boyd-Shiwarski received a five-year K08 award from the NIH to continue her work on WNK Bodies. The K08 is a Mentored Career Development Award that provides research protected time to early career physician scientists to facilitate their transition to independence. Congrats Cary!

Welcome to MSTP student Helene Altmann, who is joining us for a summer research rotation! This summer, she'll be developing an animal model of diuretic resistance. Lots of hypotheses to test in this interesting area of translational research.


After three great years in the lab, we bid a fond farewell to our lab manager, Lubika Jeremie Nkashama, who received a full scholarship to attend medical school at the Cleveland Clinic/CWRU Lerner College of Medicine. We'll miss him but we can't wait to see what he does next!


Welcome to our new undergraduate summer student, Claire Weaver! Claire joins us from the University of Florida and will be studying the effects of different potassium diets on nephron adaptation in mice.


Cary Boyd-Shiwarski was featured in the University of Pittsburgh Physician Scientist Training Program Website. Check out the You Tube Video Below!